Commissioning artwork is the best way to fill those challenging spaces in your home or office. Using your specifications, AES Gallery will work with the artist to create the ideal piece for your space. Here is a quick look at the commission process. 

Each of our artists approaches the commission process differently. Most of our artists are inspired to create new artworks based on works the client has admired in the past. No matter which way we proceed with the commission, the most important thing is that we understand your specific requirements.


Kaori Takamura

Mixed Media on Canvas

36″ x 40″

Here are a few of points to get you thinking about your vision and where the commissioned artwork will live. 

•What size is the commission?

•Do you need it completed by a certain date?

•Where is the artwork being shipped?

•Did you include the cost of shipping into your art budget?

Before the artist can start the commission, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required. The deposit is reassurance that all parties are committed to the commission. If the commissioned artwork needs to be shipped, the gallery will provide estimated shipping prices from our preferred shippers and arrange the shipment. Take a look at our frequently asked question section to learn more.


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